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Pollux Protocol

Pollux Protocol is the first Project to utilise 12+ Blockchain Networks with it's True Multi Chain Whitelabel Solutions! Pollux Protocol is Powered by it's Native currency $POLL Live on ARB | ETH | BSC Networks. $POLL is Deflationary, Max supply, Ever-Growing LP while generating true passive income sourced via Pollux's Revenue Based Business Model (PRBBM).

3% + 20%

Passive income for holders

100,000$ +

Total Market Cap

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Our First Whitelabel Solution is live

Begin Using ATOM Swap

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Live on ARB | ETH | BSC Networks.

Pollux ARB CA



Buy Tax


Max Wallet


Sell Tax


Max Transaction

$Pollux is the native currency of the Pollux Protocol Ecosystem, it's used for revenue sharing and multiple other purposes. It was launched on 3 separate Blockchain Networks to increase the Exposure and allow different communities to invest freely! All Networks are connected via the revenue sharing which distributes the revenue earned by the ecosystem equally[(Total Revenue x 40%) / 3] = Revenue for All chains! Pollux is also ARBITRAGE Proof as it has no 1:1 token bridge, instead implementation of 1$:1$ Bridge is in process! There is no mint function, blacklist function or any other function which can be exploited, our CA is audited!

1,000,000(1M) Total Supply

Tax Distribution
1% Auto LP
2% Marketing
3%  Stable Coin Reflections

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Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 5.08.55 PM.png
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